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Profitable Patient Care

Independent Pharmacy Profit Protection

More Profit in Your Pocket and Savings
for Your Patients

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How Retailmymeds Works...

The Retailmymeds monthly program directly increases an independent pharmacy’s Net profit by avoiding the “true-ups” from PBMs, particularly for those scripts that have become most at-risk of being net-negative or marginal in profit. How?

Recover Lost Profit from Net Negative Prescriptions

Decrease PBM Fees
and True-ups

No Long-term



Estimated DIR Fees Avoided




Acquisition Cost Avoided


Net Loss Avoided

Real Time - Real Numbers From Our Pioneer Location

Increase Net Profit 
on Your Prescription Business

Eliminate Negative Profit Prescriptions and Decrease Clawbacks

Pharmacies no longer must choose between filling a negative profit prescription or sending a loyal patient to another pharmacy. Additionally, filling far fewer brand name drugs will result in substantially less DIR fees assessed at point of sale and retroactively.

Reduced Audit Risk

Pharmacies using RetailMyMeds fill fewer expensive brand name drugs, decreasing risk of repaying claims due to audits.

Improve Cash Flow and Reduce Inventory

More cash is freed up to expand other patient-centered, profitable programs -- not spent on negative profit prescriptions or expensive inventory sitting on the shelves.

Build Brand Loyalty and Protect Patient Access

Patients appreciate pharmacies' recommendations in their best interests. By contributing to the survival of independent pharmacies, Retailmymeds protects patients who could face loss of access or pharmacy deserts. 

Expand Purchasing Options

Most Pharmacies are locked into a pharmacy wholesaler to purchase a certain amount of generic drugs to lock-in a price for brand drugs. With Retailmymeds, fewer brand drugs are purchased, giving pharmacies flexibility to purchase outside of primary contracts.

Reduced Labor Needs

The time spent managing your RetailMyMeds prescriptions (by a technician, not a pharmacist) is less than the time required to fill the prescription locally every month.

Retailmymeds Delivers Continuously More Savings and Benefits to Pharmacies and Patients


Independent Pharmacy Profit Protection

More Profit in Your Pocket and Savings
for Your Patients


“Since starting the program,
we have improved our GP%, 
improved our GCR with our wholesaler, and minimized our audit risk - all while reducing our DIR liability.”

Wyatt Walker

Livonia, Louisiana

“I highly recommend the Retailmymeds program - it is a win-win program for the independent retail pharmacies as well as the customers. Our only regret is that we did not sign up sooner! 10 out of 10!”

Terry Doss

Logan, West Virginia

"The Retail My Meds program has enabled us to take better care of our patients, reducing our medication orders by tens of thousands of dollars per month, and decreasing our losses from insurance companies."

Kevin Wood

Falcon RX

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