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Profitable Patient Care

About Retailmymeds:
How It Works

Retailmymeds (RMM) was established by independent pharmacy professionals for pharmacies and patients - frustration led to innovation! Low reimbursement, DIR fees, and PBM true-ups leading to marginal profit or net negative prescriptions make it nearly impossible to do the right thing for patients and still earn a living!


Our secret method… isn’t so secret! We are happy to make it transparent. We will show you how your pharmacy can switch those net-negative or marginally profitable prescriptions to mail order and coordinate them for the patient. That’s it! However, we know pharmacies are busy and don’t have unlimited time for pursuing additional services. That’s why we created a simple program with intuitive workflow integration and designed to be managed by a technician. Our member Dashboard provides extensive mail order pharmacy information and makes it easy to coordinate orders for many patients using different mail order pharmacies. Comprehensive training videos and a program manual prepare you for success, with assistance available if needed. Individualized live performance trackers help you see your pharmacy’s savings in real time!

Retailmymeds is the software-based subscription model that makes this method easy, manageable, fast and immediately profitable.

Our subscription is $275/month, and we believe you will see a positive ROI from month one with the potential for significant returns. Besides the immediate financial gain, you will also soon recognize many other far-reaching benefits of the RMM program.

We are not affiliated with a PBM or mail order pharmacy, nor do we retain PHI. Our program was created by an independent for independents. If we cannot change the hand we're dealt, let's change how we play the game! We love what we’re doing for independent pharmacies, and we hope you’ll join us.

Meet Dr. Collins

Our President and CEO, Dr. Arica Collins, has been a pharmacy owner since 2008. Dr. Collins has experienced, firsthand, the highs and lows of ownership, and has a wealth of knowledge to ensure the success of what she's most passionate about, Independent Pharmacy. 

Our leadership team is experienced in all the disciplines required to make this software-based system an easy, reliable success for participating pharmacists, such as analytics,  provider detailing and inventory management. Their combined experience is the driving force behind RMM’s success and rapid growth.

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